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Exclusively Retail

Absolute focus on advanced prescriptive analytics for retail success in every channel.

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DynamicAction turns oceans of data into insight for faster, better decisions.

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Unmatched Focus on Profit

Complete view of profitability by customer, channel, category and SKU-store level inventory.

DynamicAction sits in the center of retail organizations providing a powerful and holistic view of profit.

Exclusively Retail


“It was as if McKinsey had come in and said here’s what you need to know, here’s what you need to do, and here’s the priority in with which you need to act.
It made it much easier for us to actually take action.”


- EVP, Direct and Omni-Channel


  • Absolute focus on advanced prescriptive analytics for retail success in every channel

  • DynamicAction scientifically anaylzes data spanning the retail organization using proprietary algorithms written by world-class data scientists and retail experts

  • Our comprehensive hierarchy of metrics drive continuous retail improvement by pointing to what’s driving performance

  • Dashboard allows retailers to control the business using metrics to highlight relevant inputs and failures





How Does DynamicAction Compare?

“Companies can benefit from prescriptive analytics firms like DynamicAction, which runs a set of proprietary algorithms to find mistakes among retailers’ myriad and disparate data sets to provide recommendations on what the retailer specifically must address.


- Forrester


  • Turn mountains of data into fuel for faster and better decisions

  • Amazon has proven to the world that using a comprehensive data set to make decisions is the only way for retailers to thrive

  • It’s critical for retailers to move quickly from “what happened” to “why it happened” to plan and prioritize next steps

  • Take data driven actions instead of relying on gut responses and reactive decisions




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Unmatched Focus on Profit

“It's not something we had budgeted for, but we quickly shifted gears when we understood that DynamicAction is not just another data visualization or analytics player, but makes our data truly actionable and provides specific direction for increased profitability.”


- Vice President, eCommerce



  • A complete view of profitability by customer, channel, category, and SKU-store level inventory

  • From global/regional insight levels to atomic views of products, inventory and distinct customers

  • The Dashboard delivers prioritized profit opportunities In 3 clicks




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