WWD: What Net Neutrality Means for eCommerce, Consumers, Retail

WWD logo for DynamicAction retail analytics dataWomen’s Wear Daily ran an article titled What Net Neutrality Means for E-commerce, Consumers, Retail, which looks at The Federal Communications Commission’s vote to repeal net neutrality and how the decision continues to make waves in the retail industry. DynamicAction CMO, Sarah Engel, was asked for her opinion on what net neutrality will mean for smaller brands who use social media to reach larger audiences. Her commentary was featured in the story and can be found below:

“Though small, independent brands that are reliant on the platforms might encounter challenges, the social channels themselves might innervate to become the next chapter of malls with the roll back of regulations. ‘With a repeal of net neutrality, the social platforms may have the capability of becoming the new department stores,’ said Sarah Engel, chief marketing officer of DynamicAction. ‘Besides Amazon, they may become the only ‘department stores’ that can afford to offer the selection of amazing brands that rotate quickly enough to satisfy the consumers’ desires.’

Read the full article here.

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